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TechFocus is headquartered in Arvada, CO and was founded in 2017. Since then, TechFocus has made it EASY to purchase the technology you need.

Our full spectrum IT service offerings include large scale data science front and back-ends, AWS and Azure cloud computing, predictive algorithm development, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cross platform software applications, cybersecurity technical support, hardware design, Audio Video presentation solutions and other IT products.

We are also a well-known and trusted supplier and reseller of office electronics which include notebooks, tablets, desktops, workstations, Chromebook, calculators, printers, visuals, classroom technology software and so much more!

While our fundamental competency is the technology, we have a team of real estate licensed brokers, and we are actively expanding our service into providing lessors of nonresidential building service.

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TechFocus Key Projects

Received DOE Copyright Authorization

Received DOE Copyright Authorization

As the sole contributor on the model "A Tool to Estimate Fuel Economy/Consumption-Based on Real World Driving Profile", Dr. Wang received DOE authorization to assert a closed-source copyright for NREL.

The model enabled users to run their own transportation analyses and instruct transportation participants to optimize the energy consumption based on vehicle types and real-time traffic and was adopted by Google in 2021 to add "most energy efficient route” feature into Google Maps.

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L. Wang

President & Founder

Dr. Wang is tireless in utilizing a scientific approach and best practices aimed at innovative outcomes. A solutions-oriented communicator remains dedicated to contributing to healthy, thriving work environments. Her advanced knowledge and expertise have resulted in being an approved ARPA-E Open 2012 FOA Concept Paper Reviewer, ARPA-E Open 2018 FOA Concept Paper Reviewer, and contributing member of the Society of Automotive Engineers. Her accomplished educational background includes a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from West Virginia University.


J. Humes

Principal Engineer

Mr. Humes’ primary strengths are Embedded Systems design and firmware development. He had roles in all areas of the firmware development from bringing up new boards, developing bare metal firmware drivers, adding software infrastructure for factory testing interface, implementing games to play with the Forceband, creating a system for high speed data transfer over Wifi using the ESP8266 connected to a smartphone App, exploring/defining gestures for robot control, porting AHRS code from older platforms, creating dataloggers for IMU streaming and interprocessor communication debug/verification, His secondary skills are creating engineering GUI's for algorithm/signal processing development. Also very good at translating algorithms from bigger general systems to embedded systems. In mechanical systems he proficients Solidworks and Fusion360 cad programs, Blender3D mesh modeling, and the python API's for creating plug ins for Blender3d and Fusion360.


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